Perfume Pod Ice

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TRAVALO Perfume Pod Ice is colorful, fun and small enough to fit in your pocket, clutch bag or backpack. The translucent body lets you easily see how much fragrance is left inside so you can refill it long before you run out. Available in 7 vibrant and fun colors. Which color are you?

Fill TRAVALO Perfume Pod Ice directly from your standard-size perfume bottle, and in just seconds, you have a leak-proof way to take your favorite fragrance with you.  Perfect for traveling, and to keep in your purse, gym bag or office. 

Feel confident with TRAVALO’s 100% leak-proof design that has been pressure-tested on more than 100 flights.  No messy spills plus TSA-approved for carry-on luggage makes for hassle-free traveling with TRAVALO. 

  • 100% leak-proof design (tested on 100+ flights)
  • Airtight patented pump-fill system 
  • TSA-approved for carry-on luggage  
  • One year, no-hassle money-back guarantee
  • #1 brand in this category world-wide
  • Shatterproof,  no-glass design 
  • Appx. 7 days worth of fragrance 
  • Eco-friendly (recyclable) material  
  • Crystal clear colorful body 
  • Available in 7 vibrant and fun colors 


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