Top 9 Virtual Ways You Can Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day with Your Friend

Selfie of St.Patrick's Day Celebration in Nightclub

While we won’t be able to go on any bar crawls or organize big day parties for a while, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a great St. Paddy’s Day with our friends. Whether you’re Irish by blood or just by heart, you can still organize a fun and safe virtual St. Paddy’s Day party. You just need to get a little creative. 

Need some tips for throwing a great St. Paddy’s Day celebration online? We’ve got you covered. From organizing a costume contest with fun winter hats for women to playing some drinking games over video chat, here are the top 10 best ways you can safely celebrate St. Paddy’s Day online this year. 

9 Creative Ways You Can Virtually Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day with Your Loved Ones

Gear up with holiday treats, green winter hats and accessories, and top-rated activities to prepare for an unforgettable night!

green frosted cupcakesHave a fun — and safe — St. Paddy’s Day celebration with your friends and family!

Most people will be celebrating St. Paddy’s Day over Zoom or Skype this year. But that doesn’t mean you can’t throw a fun and exciting virtual party! Check out these creative ideas for hosting an unforgettable St. Paddy’s Day celebration now!

1. Host a little costume contest

colorful scrunchiesWhat better way to get into the St. Paddy’s Day mood than with a fun costume contest? Most people will probably dress up as leprechauns. If you want to stand out, you will need to think outside of the box. Maybe you could dress up as a rainbow and a pot of gold with a roommate. Or you could dress up as a four-leaf clover. Don’t be afraid to be creative. 

Finding the right accessories for your costume can be challenging, but Youzey offers a full collection of fun accessories perfect for making any outfit more exciting and stylish. From trendy scrunchies to festive winter hats for women, Youzey has everything you need to complete your St. Paddy’s Day outfit.

2. Try your luck with some virtual bingo

Need a family-friendly game to get everyone engaged and entertained? Host some rounds of virtual bingo! You can easily make your own bingo card using a free online app

3. Enjoy some drinks with an Irish twist

green drinkPractice your bartending skills with some fun and creative Irish cocktails. 

Mix together some St. Patrick’s Day cocktails or mocktails to cheers to together! If you’re feeling a little lazy, you can just add some green dye to Sprite or white wine. But if you want to get a little creative, you can find dozens of fun shamrock-themed drink recipes online. Some popular drinks people like to enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day also include:

  • Irish coffee
  • Whiskey and ginger ale
  • Grasshopper
  • Shamrock shake

4. Play some St. Patrick’s Day themed trivia

How much do you really know about St. Patrick’s Day? Test your knowledge of this special holiday with a fun round of trivia! If you’re planning on hosting the trivia game, you can find hundreds of fun trivia questions online. You can find questions on everything from Irish music to geography. 

If you’re planning on being a contestant, make sure you brush up on Irish history, pop culture, and history. You have a lot to learn! 

5. Cook a hearty Irish meal for yourself

If you and your friends are big foodies, you can throw yourselves a virtual Irish feast! Some classic Irish dishes you can cook include:

  • Soda bread pudding
  • Irish stew
  • Beef and Guinness pie
  • Corned beef and cabbage

6. Organize a shamrock cookie decorating contest

shamrock cookiesWho doesn’t love a fun St. Paddy’s Day cookie? 

Once you’re done feasting on some delicious Irish food, you can treat yourself to some dessert! You can turn this into a fun game by hosting a virtual cookie decorating contest. It doesn’t matter if you decide to bake your own cookies or just purchase some from the store. Just make sure you have plenty of icing and topping for your virtual cookie decorating contest. 

7. Attend a virtual parade together

The city of Dublin has canceled its St. Patrick’s Day parade for 2021. But for an entire week, the city will be hosting festive online events for people around the world to enjoy. Other cities are following suit and moving their parades and activities online. Check your respective city’s St. Patrick’s Day parade plans to see if you and your friends can make a quick virtual stop during your party. 

8. Play some St. Paddy’s Day drinking games

Assuming everyone in your party is 21 or over, you can play some classic St. Paddy’s Day drinking games over Zoom. Shot Potato, Power Hour, and Irish Poker are popular picks for this special day. You can even play virtual beer pong on GamePigeon!

9. Watch a movie or show together on Teleparty

netflix on computerEnjoy some St. Paddy’s Day-themed TV shows and films together using Teleparty!

Want to unwind and relax a little? Turn on some St. Patrick’s Day TV specials and films. Thanks to Teleparty, you can watch popular TV shows and films with your friends online. Not sure what to watch? Check out these popular TV episodes and films that are perfect for watching on St. Patrick’s Day:

  • The Luck of the Irish (Disney)
  • Leap Year
  • 30 Rock: “St. Patrick’s Day”
  • The Office: “St. Patrick’s Day”
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: “Charlie Catches a Leprechaun”

No one is really excited about spending St. Paddy’s Day indoors this year. But it’s important to remain open and adaptable to new ideas. Next year, we might be able to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day the old way again. But until then, we’ll need to stick to virtual means. 

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