The Ultimate Guide to Spring 2021 Fashion Trends

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Spring is almost here! Can you feel it? If you’re tired of wearing puffy winter jackets or getting stuck inside with nowhere to go, you aren’t alone. But as temperatures begin to rise and the snow finally melts away, we get one step closer to finally breaking out our new spring wardrobes. Until then, we can meticulously plan and update our spring outfits. 

Even though lockdowns are still in place, that doesn’t mean we can’t experiment and try new trends to update our personal style. Many eagle-eyed fashion experts have already spotted new designs for Spring 2021 both on the runway and in the streets. This spring, you’ll see people sporting everything from a silk scarf to a body-hugging dress. We’ve gathered the best of these trends to give you a headstart! 

Top 11 Spring 2021 Fashion Trends to Keep on Your Radar

It’s finally time to ditch the winter lockdown look. 

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This spring’s fashion trends offer something for everyone. From bright neon colors to edgy punk styles reminiscent of the early 2000s, spring fashion offers an abundance of trends fit for any style. Once you finish assembling your outfit, you can complete it with a stunning silk scarf. Check out our list of the top 11 Spring 2021 fashion trends that are set to take over the upcoming season now.

1. The Statement Silk Scarf

woman wearing silk scarf

Before you leave the house, make sure you protect your neck from the spring chill with a soft silk scarf. Scarves are fun and easy accessories that can make a simple outfit pop. You can also style them however you like, making it easy to maintain a fresh look whenever you leave the house.

2. Pastel

a lady with formal dressImage courtesy of Frère and Vogue

Light pinks, sunny yellows, vibrant cyans, and more pretty pastels are predicted to be popular for Spring 2021. The idea of wearing pastels for spring might seem like a no-brainer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play around with this fun trend and make it your own. You can keep it subtle with a belt or scarf or go all out with a bold pantsuit. 

3. Trench Coat

Woman in Black Trench Coat and White Scarf

You know the saying “April showers bring May flowers.” Keep yourself dry from spring showers with a fashionable trench coat. This wardrobe essential will stay in your closet for years to come with its perfect blend of style and practicality. You can keep it simple and understated with a black or grey color or mix trends by opting for a bright, pastel shade. 

4. Bold Florals

woman wearing green floral dress

We know, florals for spring are another trend that never seems to disappear. But each time these florals come around again for the spring, they appear bolder and more vibrant than ever before. You can easily find dresses, tops, bottoms, and even scarves sporting flashy and elegant florals wherever you shop. 

5. Matching Tops and Bottoms

woman wearing match top and bottomImage courtesy of Glamour.

Matching tops and bottoms are also set to make a comeback for the spring. You can keep it simple by sporting a chic monochrome look or go the extra mile and purchase a full matching set to maintain a cohesive aesthetic. 

This trend is pretty versatile. Whether you want to match a formal blazer and a pair of dress pants for an interview or match a crop top with your leggings for your next workout, you can easily style this look in minutes. 

6. Oversized Pants

woman wearing white oversized pantsImage courtesy of Vogue. 

Skinny jeans are out. A new wave of Mom jeans, trousers, and other baggy pants are making their way back into fashion. Not only are they way more comfortable than skinny jeans, but they can easily transform a look from drab to chic in seconds. 

7. Bralettes

black bralette on top of white pillow

While skinny jeans are making a huge exit, bralettes are actually coming back. This could have to do with the growing interest in loungewear that has resulted from spending all day quarantined indoors. From small crochet crop tops to silk bralettes, these cozy loungewear pieces are here to stay. 

8. Edgy Punk Rock

woman with brown hair wearing leather jacket

Have you been missing the iconic 1980s punk trends of Doc Martens, chains, and leather? Then you’ll be happy to know that this iconic style has slowly been making a comeback. This time, it’s sporting a more chic and refined angle. Feel free to mix classic punk rock pieces like chain belts and leather with other spring fashion trends like pastels and florals. 

9. Micro Mini Skirts

woman wearing red mini skirt

As the temperature rises, so too do the hemlines. Show off some leg with a chic micromini skirt! Many of the skirts we spotted for the spring 2021 season feature fun and intricate prints. 

10. Stretchy Clothes That Show Off the Curves

woman wearing white lace dress

Curve-hugging tops and dresses that show off the figure are also rapidly growing in popularity. Close, stretchy clothing is great for showing off your natural curves and celebrating the unique shape of your body. Long, sleek dresses like the one pictured above always seem to add a sense of elegance to any look. 

10. Voluminous Sleeves

woman wearing blue topImage courtesy of Who What Wear.

Voluminous, look-at-me sleeves are also set to dominate the fashion world. You don’t have to wear large puffy sleeves reminiscent of classic Disney princesses. But these cute, puffy sleeves can add a nice whimsical touch to your outfit.

With the new season comes an abundance of fun and interesting fashion trends to try. There’s no time like the present to start assembling your spring wardrobe. Not sure where to find the best clothes for the upcoming season? Check out Youzey! Whether you need a new silk scarf or a stunning new necklace, you can find the perfect accessories to complete your spring wardrobe.