Cuffing Season the YOUzey Way

The nights are longer, the days are shorter, and the weather is colder. To the unsuspecting, these are signs that winter is in full swing… to others, it's a sign of a season not recognized by weather experts but by the (single) folks who must endure it-- cuffing season. 

Cuffing season, as defined by Merriam Webster, (yes, there is indeed an official definition) is a period of time where single people look for short-term partnerships to pass the colder months of the year, say October through February (cough, Valentine’s day, cough). With wintry weather, there’s less people out socializing. Add a global pandemic to that equation and the effects of cuffing season are boundless. You might literally be desiring the heat of another body next to yours, in order to feel safe and warm-- enter cuffing season. 


Well here at Youzey HQ, we’ve decided to put a spin on this season, so that it’s not about whether or not you’re “cuffed” but that you’re embracing your authentic self. Introducing What’s Your Youzey x Cuffing Season. Embrace the cold, express yourself, and look stylish while doing the damn thing (with Hank-approved picks of course). 

Let us explain… see here at Youzey we’ve been brainstorming ways you can reap all the benefits of cuffing season, so that even if you don’t get cuffed, you stay cuffed 😉. Let’s jump in. 

Just in time for the season, Youzey has launched a new collection of cuffs full of different patterns, materials and colors!  Fuzzy, leather,, metal and more there’s a Youzey cuff for everyone! 

These clear cut flower cuffs are the perfect treat-yo-self treat. Dainty and romantic, these cuffs hang on your wrist for a feminine floral touch. 

On the flip side, these animal print cuffs add a touch of neutral glam. Tame enough to enhance a work outfit but dangerous enough for a night out, this versatile piece is a must in your wardrobe.

Ring in cuffing season with a pair of furry cuffs! That’s right, we’re (literally) putting the cuff in cuffing season this year with FOUR different colored faux fur sleeve cuffs! Keep your wrists warm with these fabulously furry cuffs that add a pop of color and “zhuzh” to any outfit. Pair them with your favorite coat, long sleeve tee, or sweater. Available in light and hot pink, wine red, and white, these cuffs take an outfit from plain jane to super chic! 

If glam fuzzy cuffs aren’t your jam, might we introduce you to their edgier, heavy metal sister? Available in sterling silver and gold plating, these hammered cuffs hug your wrist and add a flashy flare to your look-- fit for a rockstar. 

Apart from literal cuffs, let’s explore some accessories you might use to stay warm, which, after all, is a key driving force for cuffing season. 

Cuffed or not, keeping cozy is an essential this winter. Stay snuggled up with this extra large and luxe French pattern scarf. With a scarf this large, you’ll forget about whether or not you got “cuffed” this season. 

Speaking of cozy, this new winter scarf, hat, and glove set keeps you bundled up and looking all kinds of sophisticated. This luxurious set is soft to the touch and timeless-- so you know it will outlast many cuffing seasons to come. 

If the pressure to be “cuffed” from friends and family is too much, block out the noise with these chunky foldable hamburger earmuffs. These bad boys are the perfect remedy to keep the relationship questions at bay. 

There you have it, Youzey fans! There’s no need to feel the external pressure to find someone for cuffing season. You are enough as you are and you can reap (most) of the benefits of cuffing season without having to do the...cuffing. And while we’re not pretending that a scarf set or fuzzy sleeve cuffs can replace the company of another human, we are saying these pieces will definitely outlast a seasonal fling. Spare yourself the emotional rollercoaster and look Youzey-fabulous this cuffing season. 

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